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Case Study: SoldierNet SoldierNet is an email provider that markets their services specifically to members of the U.S. armed forces and their families. When SoldierNet contacted Rocket Words, the company was about to launch their website but needed copywriting help. The company CEO had written the content, but his attachment to the product, and to the technology, was too great. The resulting copy, while accurate, was too reliant on technical vocabulary to be easily understood by many members of his target audience.

Rocket Words was brought in to rewrite the SoldierNet website, creating content with a voice and style that would speak directly to the needs and expectations of company's audience — U.S. servicemen and women and their families. In addition, I made suggestions regarding the organization of the information on the site and the company's key messaging. I was able to help transform the site from an online technical brochure to an effective marketing and customer service tool.

Because of the quickly approaching launch date, I was asked to work within a very short timeframe, with only the first draft copy to use as source material. Moving quickly to meet this deadline, I was able to provide thoroughly revised copy that immediately and effectively highlights the benefits of SoldierNet's services. I helped the company feel secure that they were delivering their message in the most powerful way possible and that their site would bring in the customer response they needed to hit the ground running.

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