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The Process

One of the things I love best about Rocket Words is that it gives me the opportunity to help artists, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds fulfill their dreams. I'm dedicated to providing excellent, effective writing services to all of my clients, of course. But more than that, I'm committed to providing an efficient, friendly, collaborative work process. I listen to my clients, making sure I understand what they need and what they want.

I try to bring each of my clients the peace of mind of knowing that they're working with an excellent, experienced writer who truly cares about helping them reach their goals, and who has developed a simple, effective, and often enjoyable process to make sure that happens.

Here's how the process works:

1. Consultation

We begin with a free consultation. We値l discuss style requirements, budget and turnaround times. Basically, we値l figure out the most productive ways to work together.

2. Project Proposal

After the initial consultation, I値l deliver a firm project proposal, including pricing, deadlines and all project components. I知 happy to present two proposals, to give you a choice of services and price ranges. Once you see what you like, we値l sign a project agreement and get to work.

3. Interview

Each Rocket Words project begins with an in-depth interview, recorded on my trusty low-tech hand-held cassette player. I ask questions and listen, then ask some more, until I understand the spirit, along with the facts, of your message. I often come up with suggestions for new approaches to connecting with your audience.

4. Collaboration

If working with a web or print designer is part of the mix, I値l meet with whoever is on board to coordinate our efforts. Collaborations are a wonderful part of the process. I enjoy teaming up with other creative professionals to turn out a great finished product.

5. Research

I study your competitors materials, the marketing tools you致e been using, and anything else I need to see. I learn what I need to, so I can make sure your audience knows everything that's special about what you do.

6. Writing

Once everything痴 in place, I go off and write. I work efficiently and on deadline to give you copy that captures your style, propels your message, and energizes your audience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is essential that you be 100% satisfied with my writing. I guarantee my work and make revisions until you池e happy — free of charge (other than changes to the basic elements of the project as agreed upon).

Please contact me to get started on your writing project.
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